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larvato pro deal sourcing list

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We employ a combination of hand-curated data and proprietary intelligence methods to curate a list of quality deals, eliminating the need for you to clean data & find contact information for each listing.

"Larvato's weekly deal list has helped me develop new relationships with brokers and find deals we may have otherwise missed"

Jason Rivera,

Rivera Holdings LLC

Jason Rivera Testimonial for Larvato deal sourcing service
larvato pro deal sourcing list

Data points: Date, Title, Description, Industry, Location, State/Province, Country, Price, Revenue, EBITDA, Cash Flow, Revenue Multiple, EBITDA Multiple, Cash Flow Multiple, Contact Name, Intermediary Firm, Email Address, Contact Number, Contact LinkedIn Profile, Contact Company Linkedin, Intermediary HQ, Intermediary Website

Intermediary information and contact details

We manually collect contact data and broker information for each listing so you can streamline your outreach strategy. 

Larvato pro deal sourcing list
Larvato Deal Flow

No referral / success fees

Larvato is a subscription-based newsletter, so you can cancel and reactivate your plan anytime. We do not charge referral or success fees. Ever.

What’s included in the Larvato Pro weekly List?

Deals Added (3,000+ Listings)

While the majority of deals featured are represented by brokers, we also include a small selection of businesses for sale by owner.


Global Coverage. Majority of deals featured are based in United States. Intermediate deals: Either EBITDA $500k+ or revenue $5M+.

New and Active Listings

The deals included in the spreadsheet are constantly updated and new listings added on a weekly basis.

Industries Covered

Agriculture, Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Distribution, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Life Science, Logistics, Manufacturing, Materials, Media, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Telecom, Transportation

For Sale by Owner Listings

Business for sale by owner listings populated from buy / sell communities.

Filterable Data Points

Date, Title, Description, Industry, Location, State/Province, Country, Price, Revenue, EBITDA, Cash Flow, Revenue Multiple, EBITDA Multiple, Cash Flow Multiple, Contact Name, Intermediary Firm, Email Address, Contact Number, Contact LinkedIn Profile, Contact Company Linkedin, Intermediary HQ, Intermediary Website

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  • List of new, active & updated deals via email newsletter every week (3,000+)
  • Weekly list of businesses for sale by owner
  • Intermediary details including website & HQ location
  • Email address & phone number​
  • Contact Linked profile and more
  • Online Access to the listing database
  • Excel format

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The weekly lists has otimized our time allowing us to be more strategic in our deal sourcing efforts"
Great solution for private equity & searchers worldwide"
Larvato has helped us refine our deal sourcing activities”

Frequently Asked Questions (Larvato Pro)

Compared to other deal aggregators, Larvato stands out for its use of a unique blend of technology and in-house manual efforts to collect and organize thousands of deals, meticulously filtering out duplicates, structuring unorganized data, and tracking changes to listings.

The compiled deals are then shared with subscribers via a weekly email newsletter that includes a spreadsheet, which can be filtered and downloaded in Excel format.

By operating as a subscription-based newsletter, Larvato offers a hassle-free and well-organized approach to discovering deals, sparing subscribers from the cumbersome task of navigating multiple online platforms.

Larvato is a subscription-based service that provides a convenient and organized approach to discovering new deals. Here are some key features of how it works:

  • Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly email newsletter with a link to the latest list of opportunities directly in your inbox.
  • The listings included in the list are regularly updated, with new opportunities added on a weekly basis.
  • The list is presented in a filterable spreadsheet that enables you to refine your search and find opportunities that match your specific criteria. You can filter by industry, location, revenue, EBITDA, and more.
  • Contact information is provided for each listing, enabling you to easily reach out to prospects.
  • You have the flexibility to cancel or reactivate your subscription plan as per your needs.

Larvato is designed to cater to the needs of a diverse range of professionals in the M&A industry, including but not limited to private equity firms, strategic buyers, family offices, company owners, search funds, independent sponsors, business brokers, investment bankers, and M&A advisors. Our service is tailored to help anyone who wants to discover new opportunities and explore acquisition possibilities.

Larvato uses a comprehensive approach to collect data on businesses available for sale. We monitor publicly accessible marketplaces for potential opportunities, eliminate duplicates, organize unstructured data, and track changes to listings across the web. This process enables us to compile a list of unique and promising business opportunities.

We take pride in providing our subscribers with the most current and relevant information, and as such, our data is regularly updated. New listings are added, and updated listings are visibly highlighted in the filterable Excel spreadsheet that our subscribers receive every week. We also remove inactive deals before sending out the spreadsheet, ensuring that subscribers only receive the most promising and up-to-date opportunities.

There are a few reasons why you might consider using Larvato to source deals instead of doing it on your own.

1. Firstly, our service saves you time by doing the legwork of searching for deals online, and providing you with a comprehensive list of acquisition opportunities in one weekly spreadsheet delivered to your inbox every week. This eliminates the need to visit multiple websites and search through listings yourself.

Secondly, we offer access to a wider range of deals. By utilizing technology to gather and process listings, we are able to provide you with a broader selection of deals than you might be able to find on your own.

Additionally, our list is constantly updated and new listings are added on a weekly basis.

Thirdly, we provide you with a list of deals with the contact information which is manually curated by our team, so you can reach out to prospects directly.

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time.