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Get 24-hour early access to business for sale by owner listings before they hit the market

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Review businesses for sale before they hit the market

Get exclusive 24-hour early access to deals submitted by sellers to the Business for Sale by Owner Facebook group (BFSBO).

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Know who's selling...before your competition does

Our service, Deal flow Plus is designed to optimize the efficiency of the deal origination process, granting investors exclusive 24-hour early access to direct investment opportunities submitted to the business for sale by owner Facebook Group.

Link to the public group here.

After applying and signing up for Deal Flow Plus, you will be granted moderation access to the group, ensuring a 24 hour head start to view, evaluate, and negotiate deals submitted by sellers before anyone else.

Stay ahead by being among the first to review submitted deals before they go out to the public. Over 2,000,000 viewed the public group in May 2023.

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List of deals posted to the group

The list below features listings populated from the Business for Sale by Owner Facebook Group (including both archived and active listings).

Newest listings are displayed at the top. The list above does not include all deals submitted to the group. It is possible that some of the listings displayed may have been modified since the original posting, so they may not be up-to-date. Please be aware of scams. Larvato has not independently verified any of the information in the listings provided and assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. 


Deal Flow Plus

$ 2,997
/ 30-day access
  • 24-hour early access to FSBO listings submitted to the Facebook Group
  • Get notified when new posts are submitted to the Facebook group
  • Opportunity to approach sellers directly before their 'for sale' post is released to the public
  • New FSBO listings posted to the group regularly
  • No referral or success fees

Frequently Asked Questions

We are offering this service as a way to provide investors with exclusive early access to deals submitted by sellers. This allows the Deal Flow Plus members to start evaluating and pursuing these opportunities before the general public sees them.

We will add you as a moderator to the public Facebook group, Business for sale by owner, and you will be notified whenever a new post is submitted to the group.

After 24 hours, we will approve the new posts and they will be available to the public.

The number of people granted early access is limited to a maximum of 10 at any given time.

Certainly! If you wish to opt out, you can do so by contacting us at Once we receive your request, we will promptly revoke your access privileges. Kindly note that refunds are not provided.

We do not conduct independent verification of the information presented on the platform and assume no liability for its accuracy or comprehensiveness. It is the responsibility of each individual to conduct their own due diligence.

In addition to ‘business for sale by owner’ listings, the submitted posts may include the following:

  • “Looking for” posts from prospective buyers
  • Questions submitted by group members or visitors
  • Posts related to funding, partnership, or financing opportunities
  • Scams / Spam posts
  • Posts related to the buying or selling of businesses.
  • Posts unrelated to the buying or selling of businesses.

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