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Bateson Business Brokerage

Bateson Business Brokerage

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Bateson Business Brokerage offers a range of services for sellers, including:

  • A market valuation of the business to determine its value in the current market.
  • National and international exposure to potential buyers, while maintaining the confidentiality of the ongoing business.
  • Screening of potential buyers to ensure that only qualified individuals will be offered the opportunity to learn more about the business. All potential buyers must sign a standardized non-disclosure statement, and the seller will be informed of all potential buyers before any confidential information is released.
  • Screening potential buyers to ensure that they are not simply competitors trying to obtain the business secrets.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Confidential Memorandum, which acts as a second screen for the buyer and limits the amount of time needed to question the seller.
  • Consultation on all offers presented to the seller, highlighting the good and bad points and any potential issues that may arise.
  • Support throughout the closing process and beyond to help the seller successfully transition their business interests.

As a buyer, Bateson Business Brokerage also offers services including:

  • Interpretation of business financials and projections to better prepare the buyer to make an offer or to explore other suitable opportunities.
  • Access to thousands of businesses for sale in Florida.
  • Standardized procedures and forms to protect the buyer’s offer and simplify the process.
  • Insight into the businesses that are performing well in the local market, as well as the skills and directions needed to succeed.
  • Assistance with procurement of occupational licenses, special permits and licensing, sales tax numbers, business accounts, incorporation, federal tax ID #, insurance, leases, inventory valuations, and environmental concerns.
  • Thorough assistance and monitoring using personalized checklists to help the buyer stay organized during the business transaction and transition.

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210 Crown Point Cir Suite 208, Longwood, FL 32779, United States

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Bateson Business Brokerage Team

NameTitleOffice Location
Brian BatesonOwner / Principle BrokerOrlando
Brea RegerBusiness Broker AssociateOrlando
Brad CarpenterBusiness Broker AssociateOrlando
Leora PoplawskyAssociate Intermediary & ConsultantOrlando
Noel CalasAsssociate Intermediary, ConsultantOrlando
Blake BatesonAssociate, Intermediary & ConsultantOrlando

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